I’m a firm believer in being able to change your mind. If you think about it, changing our minds is the only way we get where we want and need to be. Maybe a goal we’ve set turns out to be wrong for us, or maybe the way we’re approaching solving a problem isn’t working. So what do we do? Change our minds. Where things get a little fuzzy is when we change our minds on impulse, without much thought. I have a hard time accepting those sorts of swings, but I understand where they come from.

So when I said I was going to stop blogging over here, I meant it. And when I started itching to come back, I refused to follow that impulse without giving it good thought. What I believe happened is that removing the “responsibility” of maintaining this blog freed my mind to think about what could be next. I don’t want this blog to become business focused, but there are all sorts of topics and ideas close to my heart that I can mull over here that aren’t so close to my heart that I feel vulnerable or open to wounding.

While my trade encompasses a plethora of responsibilities, the piece of it that eases my mind and swells my heart is the writing. And while I enjoy business writing, it’s just not enough. I also have to accept the very real truth that if I want to continue writing for pleasure and business, it’s important I continue putting my work out into the world on an individual level, unattached to a brand or its purpose.

So, you could say I’m back. I don’t know how frequently I’ll post or exactly which topics I’ll be posting about, and I know that’s not a formula for blog success. At this point, that’s not my concern. My concern lies in reviving this outlet and contributing good words to the world.

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